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We deal with a wide range of Japanese Health and Beauty Products build on Natural Living, Natural Life. As more imitation products come into the market, we stay firm on ORIGINAL Made In Japan Heath and Beauty products for our customers. Here are some popular products that we deal in. We accept any buying request for Japanese products. Email us today.

Izu Wakakusaishi Hot Spring Rocks originates from Izu, Shizuoka Japan. About 2 million years ago, Izu Rocks was formed in the deep sea. The Izu Rocks are formed by high heat and pressure at the seabed. After movement of earth plates, the rocks formed at Pacific Ocean seabed comes to the present place of Hachijo Jima Island. Digging out from underground depths, it is the early natural material which appears first in the ground.

Izu Rocks has Strong Far Infrared Effects. Izu Rocks has Far Infrared Emission Rate of more than 90%. Far Infrared has beneficial health and beauty effects on the body:

  • Blood Circulation Effect
  • Detoxification Effect
  • Skin Properties Improvement and Anti-aging Effect
  • Deep Warming Effect
  • Relaxation Effect

In addition, Izu Rocks have Moisture and Odour Removal Power. Izu Rocks has many pores which absorbs large amount of moisture in a short time. It is also good for absorbing gases makes it good as a deodouriser. A First and Only in Uniquely Singapore!


Taketaro is a bamboo charcoal brand distributed by our company. Taketaro bamboo charcoal products are of superior quality using the highest grade bamboo charcoal materials that are tested by modern scientific methods. We started bamboo charcoal business due to our passion to provide customers with the highest quality (Japanese quality) bamboo charcoal products.

Our Taketaro range which receives very good response and feedback from customers. It was completely sold out during its launch within a few weeks in Singapore!  It is also an innovative range with Ag+ Silver Ions embedded inside the bamboo charcoal which gives it antibacterial property. A First and Only in Uniquely Singapore!


First time sold in Singapore and S.E Asia! From the best and traditional maker of 100% Natural Japanese Konnyaku Facial & Body Sponge. Shizendo Original Natural Konnyaku Sponge has weak alkalinity; it can neutralize the acidic substance on the face through the layer of water between the sponge and face. In addition, due to the Konnyaku fibre's unique net like structure, not only does it gives massage effect on the skin that promotes blood circulation, but it also get rid of dirt from the skin easily without causing damage to skin line contiuity and protection layer. Natural konnyaku sponge is suitable for sensitive and dry skin, and can be used from babies to adults. A First and Only in Uniquely Singapore!


No Fragrance No Colouring Paraben Free

Sakura Volcanic Ash Facial Cleanser deep-cleans pores and removes impurities while enriching skin with essential minerals.

Creating the new and natural way of skin cleansing using volcanic ash particles from Kagaoshima volcano. The re-fined volcanic ash particles had great absorption power and impurities removal properties. It is made with natural plant ingredients to give you a smooth, clean and supple skin. Gently cleanses even the sensitive skin with moisturizing ingredients such as "PRUNUS YEDOENSIS LEAF EXTRACT" - Japanese Sakura. The elastic foam and bubbles generated from the cleanser gives more effectiive cleansing. It can be used for everyday washing.


Our incense and essential oils are 100% natural using only natural/original ingredients without additives, colouring or artifical scent. We are specialise in Tibetan Herbal (medicinal) Incense, Agarwood and Sandalwood Incense and its oils. Our agarwood products are from reliable sources and include rare species like Aquilaria Crassna from Vietnam and sandalwood species from India, Santalum Album. If you are looking for aromatherapy grade/quality products, we offer it at best prices.

Discover and Experience Natural Living, Natural Life Today!



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