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Blog: Natural Living In Japan

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Our products are recommended
on Radio 97.2 FM by Bryan Gan
on Mar 08.


Highly Recommended by Mr Bryan Gan, Health and Beauty
Instructor & Advisor




Our Global Networks

We are Binchotan Charcoal Powder Supplier now!

The famous binchotan charcoal powder (white charcoal) made from Made in Japan Binchotan Charcoal. Having a particle size of 5 micron. Extremly fine and high quality binchotan charcoal powder. Famous binchotan charcoal producing regions in Japan includes Wakayama (Kishu in ancient Edo period). Binchotan charcoal is white charcoal with a hardness value of 15 degrees or more, using oak trees as raw wood. Good as food additive or food colouring, for cosmetics, fabrics etc.

Our Bamboo Charcoal Powder is the proud ingredient for Japan Kuro Burgers of Burger King .

The recent craze of Black Burgers or Kuro Burgers in Japan launched by Burger King was a success. We are proud to be the supplier and sole agent of Made in Japan Bamboo Charcoal Powder from our factory in Japan that supplies to Burger King, Japan.

Come and visit our booth at Takashimaya B1, Talking Hall for viewing our products range.

CAREFUL of Camouflage products. Look for "Made in Japan" print instead of "Japan"

(Multi Gum Care Action System)
Made in Korea (160 gm)

Insan Bamboo Salt Toothpaste protects and maintains your teeth and gum health. Boost your oral defense against various diseases. Formulated with 9 times roasted bamboo salt which is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Clinical studies show Insan Bamboo Salt Toothpaste strengthens tooth enamel, prevents receding gum line and decreases mineral loss.

Japanese Binchotan Knee Support - 2 pcs (1 pair)

Contents: 2 x Binchotan Charcoal Knee Support (1 pair)
Size: Free Size for Men and Women (Unisex)
Made in Japan

Binchotan Charcoal Knee Support is developed and made in Japan for various health benefits.

The charcoal fabric regulates Alpha waves and attenuates Beta waves in the body to bring about relaxation and healing. Infrared emission helps to relief joint pains and promote overall well being. It keeps the knee warm inside. Promotes blood circulation plus thermal insulation to reduce stress and pain related to the joints and muscles in a natural way.

The binchotan charcoal fabric is made elastic for comfort. Removes and prevents odour with antibacterial effects. It can be used for sports, travelling, home or office.

Japanese Healing Charcoal Series

Contents: 1 x Binchotan Charcoal Mattress Mat
Size: 100 x 200 cm (Single Size Bed)
Use 2 mats for King or Queen Bed
Made in Japan

Natural Healing Effects: Absorbs odour and toxic gases. Antibacterial effect. Prevents dust mite. Helps to remove moisture/sweat during sleep. Far infrared emission improves blood circulation.

Keeps body warm during sleep. Absorbs harmful electromagnetic radiation/waves. Negative Ions rejuvenates and improves health. Improves sleep by regulating and attenuating Alpha and Beta
waves in our body.

Highly recommended for
- Sleep Improvement
- Insomnia
- Neck & Shoulder Ache.
- Body Ache
- Fatigue

Will help you sleep comfortably year round !

Japanese Gift Box - Bamboo Charcoal Slices and Bamboo Vinegar


Contents: Bamboo Charcoal Slices (12 cm, approx 7-8 pcs, 140gm)
Bamboo Vinegar/Liquid (260ml)
Made in Japan

A great gift idea for colleagues, friends and relatives with good value. Comes with the benefits of long type Bamboo Charcoal Slices (water purification, electromagnetic waves reduction, air purifications, negative ions effect) and Bamboo Vinegar (skin and body care, pets care, kitchen and household applications).

Visit Us!

Our first product launch at Takashimaya.
Living Well, Feeling Great at Talking Hall, B1
4th April to 16th April ONLY.

CAUTION: Another brand "Charcoal House" (China) is also selling there.



Keeps your clothes and things at home clean and odour free this Chinese New Year Season. Eliminating unwanted bacteria. Whether it is Refrigerator, Cupboard, Wardrobe, Kitchen or just to purify the air in your living space. Our Silver Ions (Ag+) Bamboo Charcoal Pack is a good companion for you !

We are running a promotion for our Silver Ions (Ag+) Bamboo Charcoal Pack (Medium, 100 grams).

Usual Price - $6.9 per pack

Buy 6 packs - $33.
Buy 12 packs - $60.
Include normal non-registered postage in Singapore.

Whilst Stocks Last!


Electromagnetic Waves (EMW) Reduction with
Bamboo Charcoal Slices

Visit our site page for identifying imitation Bamboo Charcoal Products from Genuine Bamboo Charcoal Products in the market.

New Product Launched!

Sakura Volcanic Ash Facial Cleanser

Contents: 100 g

Suitable For All Skin Types

Suitable For All Skin Types  • No Fragrance  • No Colouring
• No Paraben

Volcanic ash deep-cleans pores and removes impurities, while enriching skin with essential minerals

Contains "Someiyoshino" (Japanese Sakura) leaves extract, known for prevention of rough skin, anti-inflammatory effect and skin-whitening (preventing the production of melanin).


Shizendo Launches New Hot Spring Konnyaku Sponge
(Wet Type)

We have developed our first wet type konnyaku sponge with Japanese hot spring ingredients.

Hot Spring Konnyaku Sponge special benefits:

  • Anti-aging Effect
  • Blood Circulation Effect
  • Natural Minerals for Skin Nourishment


MOST Popular Ag+ Silver Ions Bamboo Charcoal Pack (Medium Size) BACK IN SINGAPORE !

We are glad to inform our customers that the Ag+ Silver Ions Bamboo Charcoal Packs (Medium Size) are back in stock now.


We receive queries from customers in Singapore and around the world about differences of bamboo charcoal products. In response, we recommend customers to make a careful selection of bamboo charcoal products. Companies offering BBQ quality bamboo charcoal products for a premium price!

Check out how to determine geniune and imitation products.

Feel puzzled about the charcoal difference and types?

Have your queries answered today!

Check out other Interesting Facts and Q&As.


We are glad to inform our customers that the bamboo charcoal slices are back in stock now.



Due to the recent nuclear crisis in Japan. We have ran out of stock for our Bamboo Charcoal Slices due to surge in demand in Singapore. Will will inform our customers once stocks are available again. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Japanese Healing Charcoal Series

Binchotan Charcoal Seat Mat
for Chairs, Seats and Car Seats...

Binchotan Charcoal Seat Mat
Size: 40 x 40 cm (Fits Most Standard Seats)

Natural Healing Effects: 
- Far infrared emission improves blood circulation while seating.
- Adds massage effect on the seat.
- Absorbs harmful electromagnetic radiation/waves.
- Negative ions effect aids in relaxation.
- Helps to remove moisture/sweat/odour on the seat during work/rest.

Highly recommended for
- Relaxation while at work/home
- Fatigue

Will help you seat comfortably year round !


Feedback from customers:

There are many imitations in the market recently. Ever heard of false claims from sales promoters saying..."From Japan" or simply with "Japan" print or Japanese words on the package without Japan manufacturer name and address ? Well, these products are poor quality products usually made in China. Use of such products could cause HARM to your body instead of benefitting you.

Insist on Made in Japan or True Japanese Brand for
Quality and Safety.

Charcoal Products Found at Pasar Malam/Road Stores

Many Bamboo Charcoal products are selling in Singapore including the 'Pasar Malam' or road stores. This one is located in Bugis (along the street of the temple). It was fouind that this product actually is from China according to the sales person, it can also be found in some local departmental stores.


New High Quality Distilled Bamboo Vinegar from Japan!
Now in 260 ml economical bottle. Find out more...


Binchotan Charcoal Pillow Mat

Natural Healing Effects: Absorbs toxic substances like formaldehyde. Helps to remove moisture/ sweat during sleep. Far infrared emission improves blood circulation and aids better sleep. Absorbs harmful electromagnetic radiation/waves.

Highly recommended for
- Insomnia
- Headache
- Neck Ache
- Shoulder Ache
- Fatigue

Will help you sleep comfortably year round !


Binchotan Charcoal Mattress Sheet

Natural Healing Effects: Absorbs toxic substances like formaldehyde. Helps to remove moisture/ sweat during sleep. Far infrared emission improves blood circulation and aids better sleep. Highly recommended for Insomnia, Keeping Body Warm during Sleep, Body Ache and Fatigue.

Will help you sleep comfortably year round !

Dr. Smith Binchotan Charcoal Mattress Protector

Specially made using high technology combining high nano grade binchotan charcoal powder and cotton material to give the best comfort for sleep with negative ions effect, blood circulation effect, odour and bacteria removal effects.


Kyoto Limited! Oil Blotting Paper with Charcoal.

Specially formulated to enhance cleansing and ensure smooth skin. Used by Geishas in Kyoto! 1.5 times absorption power than normal blotting paper! Use grey surface to clean.

Binchotan Charcoal Wind Chime

Natural high pitch tingling sound from the high temperature processed Japanese binchotan will ease your stress away and place your body in balance and harmony. Enjoy the sound of nature!

Binchotan Charcoal will also improve air conditions by negative ions effect and odour/pollutant removal.

Our Products RECOMMENDED On i-Weekly (i-生活) Magazine Again by Bryan 老师 !

Learn about Japanese Reiki (Fengshui) using Japanese Reiki Bamboo Charcoal.

Reduce Electromagnetic Wave Radiation with our Electric Conductive White Bamboo Charcoal Slices

Due to the excellent electric conductive nature of our white bamboo charcoal, it is able to reduce electromagnetic waves (EMF) through blocking and reducing its energy. Do you know that only 1 - 5% of bamboo charcoal that is produced in a natural kiln can be found as white bamboo charcoal. It is rare and hard to produce.

Check out our product!

Certified Bamboo Charcoal Powder !!!

We are first and only company in Singapore that supplies Made in Japan Bamboo Charcoal Powder (Food Additive) that meets Japan Food Regulation standards.

Bamboo Charcoal Powder Food Additive
Available Now!

100% Natural Bamboo Charcoal Powder. Widely used in Japan as food additive.

Begonia Story...

One of our customer, Mark, is very kind to share his success and happiness in using our Japanese Bamboo Charcoal Products. His Begonia had never blossomed since he started growing. So he decided to try out Kurochiku Charcoal Sticks to improve the plants condition. After using for a few weeks, the Begonia began to blossom. 10 flowers appeared. Now, the plant continues to blossom even after old flowers fall.

These are attributed to the our authentic Bamboo Charcoal effects of minerals release, water retention, far infrared rays emission, electromagnetic wave reduction and negative ions effect which are conducive for the plants. This can be related back to health effects on humans using authentic Bamboo Charcoal Products.

We are MOVING OUT of John Little

Our products are NOT SOLD in John Little anymore. Please visit OG outlets and other stores for purchase of our authentic Japanese products.

Beware of Imitations in the Market!

Japan's 2 Famous Ancient Temple in Kyoto Prefecture 金閣寺, 銀閣寺, Kinkakuji and Ginkakuji with 1351 years of history are preserved with bamboo charcoal foundation. It helps in eliminating humidity and odour problems, thus maintaining the buildings infrastructure.

Consider using in your modern house today !

Natural Hot Spring Therapy
(Balneotherapy or Onsen Therapy

Featured on
Ezyhealth Magazine June 09

more information...

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Improve Health and Immune System Indoor

Outdoor activities are to be avoided if unneccesary in face of new flu virus H1N1. How do we improve our health without more sports or activities outdoors?

Using the Japanese foot spa/bath therapy enhances blood circulation just like light excercises without the need to go for outdoor activities. Also, it helps in relaxation, promoting healthy body and improving immune system naturally.

Blog: Natural Living In Japan

We have started a special blog about Natural Living In Japan. You can share your experiences in natual living or products. Check it out today!

Watch Our Videos and Media Coverage

We have re-organised our videos and media.

Check out our latest video:
"Bamboo Charcoal Physical Characteristics"

Binchotan Charcoal Reflexology Socks and Knee Support

We have imported new functional health products from Japan. This product is famous and is developed with Gifu University (岐阜大学) in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Scientifically proven using laboratory analysis and studies. 100% Made in Japan.


Read more....

Customer's Testimonial ...

Bamboo Charcoal Sheet with Ag+ Silver Ions

Bamboo Charcoal Sheet is developed and made in Japan using new technology with Ag+, Silver Ions added. This charcoal sheet is designed to maximise the suface area to effectively eliminate odour but at the same time saving the space where it is employed. There are 4 different types - Rubbish Bin, Cabinet, Refrigerator and Shoe Rack Use.

Izu Wakakusaishi Hot Spring Rocks

Another exciting 100% Natural Product brought to you from Japan.

Originates from famous Japanese Onsen/Hot Spring in Izu, Shizuoka, the home of Mt. Fuji. Experience the hot spring body and foot spa now in your home at your own convenience !


Our company bamboo charcoal products are certified from Japanese manufacturer in Japan. Be smart, any patents or certificate of origin can be produced when asked. Do ask for certification from seller in case of imitation/camouflage products in the market.

Bamboo Charcoal Skin and Hair Care

Learn the new DIY methods and do it in your home!

New Products Launched !

Check out our latest new products in featured products !

Kurochiku Charcoal Stirrer - Make delicious and healthy beverages or water in a simple way.

Bamboo Charcoal Powder - Transform liquid Body Soap, Shampoo and Face Mask with Bamboo Charcoal properties. You can use with your favourite shampoo and body soap NOW!

Konnyaku Facial Cleanser - Check out the special facial Cleanser with 100% Natural Soft Konnyaku Beads for a gently scrub !


Our No. 1 Selling Made in Japan Bamboo Charcoal Slices now comes in a handy packaging with 8 slices inside.

Our Bamboo Charcoal Slices is once again our Best Seller in Singapore! Using bamboo (4-5 years old) from Japan's forest and processed in Japan. The secret of creating 'Energy Water' without buying expensive filter systems and saves electricity, thus saving the environment too!

Studies in Japan by Prof Nomura, Kyoto University, shows that Far Infrared Rays emitted from the bamboo charcoal can break down the water molecule clusters into smaller and more organised groups. This 'Energy Water' will be more easily absorbed by the body and improves our health.

Bamboo charcoal can also turn water from PH 7 (Neutral) to PH 7.3 (Alkaline). Bamboo Charcoal water contains more oxygen due to presence of more OH- ions. In addition, bamboo charcoal can absorb chlorine and impurities. It will also release minerals into the water, turning it into tasty and nutritious mineral water.

Our Bamboo Charcoal products are now made more easily available to our customers, especially customers from India, Middle East and African countries. Mustafa shopping complex opens 24 hours a day.

Bryan Gan, Health and Beauty Instructor & Advisor, recommends our Japanese Bamboo Charcoal Slices in New i-Weekly (i-生活) magazine.

Our Bamboo Charcoal products are now available at all
OG Departmental Stores
(Health & Wellness Supplements Department)

Do you know that Bamboo Charcoal can keep fruits and vegetables fresh? It can delay the ripening time of fruits and vegetables. Find out more...

Some customers enquired on some of the charcoal deodourisers packed in containers sold in the market. They are usually added with nice fragrances and also labelled as "Charcoal".

These products are found to be made of chemical gel/jelly dyed with black charcoal powder. The method used in this product is by means of chemical reaction. The Bamboo Charcoal are all filled with the gel which makes the charcoal powder inside ineffective in its absorption capabilities.


Ag+ (Silver Ions) Bamboo Charcoal Pillow Mat
Featured in Jan 2009 issue of
Ezyhealth & Beauty Magazine

1st Time in Singapore!

No.1 selling 100% Natural Konnyaku Sponge in Japan. Our Original Konnyaku Sponge is the highest quality you can find in Japan.

Bamboo Charcoal fans can look out for the Bamboo Charcoal Konnyaku Sponge !

Feeling stress about the recent financial crisis? Try our Bamboo Charcoal Pillow Mat, a solution for a better sleep!

Find out more...

We recently received many enquiries from our customers to ask whether our products are sold at certain departmental stores or shops Please do refer to our retailers page.

Our products are sold NOT SOLD in Takashimaya, it is Charcoal House (China).

Length: Available in 26 cm, 56 cm and customised length

Natural and modern living with our new artistic Bamboo Charcoal made from Kuro Chiku (Black Bamboo). 100% Made in Japan with good electrical conductivity from one of the best makers . It has great shine and smoothness. An excellent decor for home, office, restaurants etc, while enjoying the benefits of Bamboo Charcoal.

・ Odour Removal & Humidity Control

・ Electromagnetic Wave Absorption

・ Harmful Vapour Removal

・ Far Infrared Rays Emission

・ Negative Ions Effect

This product is only available through email order.

Our Latest Visit to Japan. Meet Bamboo Charcoal Expert - Mr Yusuke Urushibata. He has went for charcoal making expertise technology transfer under Japanese Government programme, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), to Guatemala, Central America for 5 years. He is now back for contributions in Japan.

Bamboo charcoal effects is the best using bamboo charcoal from japan. it has strong infrared and effects. Our bamboo charcoal offers highest quality that you can find in japan/singapore/world. ....The bamboo charcoal effects is the best using bamboo charcoal from japan. it has strong infrared and effects. Bamboo charcoal offers highest quality that you can find in japan/singapore/world, those bamboo charcoal effects is the best using bamboo charcoal from japan. has strong infrared and effects. Our bamboo charcoal offers highest quality that you can find in japan/singapore/world. Perhaps, bamboo charcoal effects is the best using japan bamboo charcoal from japan. it has strong infrared and effects. Our bamboo charcoal offers highest quality that you can find in japan/singapore/world. One of the most important the bamboo charcoal effects is the best using bamboo charcoal from japan. it has strong infrared and effects. Also, bamboo charcoal offers highest quality that you can find in japan/singapore/world and countries, these bamboo charcoal effects is the highest/best using bamboo charcoal direct from japan. has strong infrared and other effects. Bamboo charcoal offers highest quality that you can find..

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