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Body Bath

Put about 10-20ml of bamboo vinegar inside bathtub filled with water and mix it well. The natural minerals inside the bamboo vinegar will help improve skin condition and blood circulation. Adding bamboo charcoal will enhance the effect. Water can be use for washing clothes after bath.

Hair Care

Before rinse and shampoo, put 5ml of bamboo vinegar into l litre of water. Apply to hair with massaging. Rinse and use shampoo to wash hair well. It will improve blood circulation, remove itchiness, dandruff and smell of the hair. 

Please take patch test before you use bamboo vinegar.

Foot Bath

Put warm water into the bucket to cover to neck of the foot. Put 20ml of bamboo vinegar into about 1litre of warm water and mix it well. Put your feet into the bucket and soak it for 30 minutes. This will help to remove the bacterial and smell from the foot.

Dish Towel/Table Cloth

Put 10ml of bamboo vinegar into 1 litre of water. Put dish towel/table cloth into the water and leave it for one night. It will disinfect and remove smell from the towel/cloth.

Remove Smell of Trash

Bamboo vinegar has can remove smell from trash/rubbish. Dilute 1ml of bamboo vinegar with 50ml of water and fill the mixture into an empty spray bottle. Spray into the trash or trash area that has raw food or smelly stuff.

Disinfecting Agent

Put 10% bamboo vinegar to 90% water inside empty spray bottle. The spray can be used in shoes, kitchen, bathroom etc to remove odour and for disinfection purposes.

For chopping board - Put 10ml of bamboo vinegar into 1 litre of water and soak sponge into the mixture. Wipe the chopping board with the sponge. Rinse with water. Bamboo vinegar has more power to disinfect than any other vinegar.

Insect Repellent

Fill an empty spray bottle with 10% bamboo vinegar and dilute with 90% of water. Just spray to your hands and legs and it will help to disinfect and stop itchiness. Also, you can spray to areas near you to prevent flies and mosquitoes from coming.


Add bamboo vinegar 2ml of bamboo vinegar to 1 litre of water. Pour into the soil to improve the soil properties, remove bacteria and insects. Alternatively, the mixture can be sprayed directly to fresh flowers and plants. Both methods will help the plants and flowers to grow nicer and live longer.


Add 10ml bamboo vinegar to 100ml of water. Soak the cloth inside this mixture and use it for cleaning the pet house/cage. It will remove smell and insects, thus keeping pets healthy and hygienic.


This product is not edible. If swallowed accidentally, immediately induce vomiting and consult a doctor. If it gets inside the eyes, rinse with plenty of water and consult a doctor if necessary. Keep away from children and direct sunlight.


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