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Our Products

Body & Skin Care

Bamboo charcoal and its oil can be made into beauty products like body soap, facial cleanser, shampoo and liquid hand soap. Bamboo charcoal has the function of whitening skins, absorbing oil in the skin and gets rid of the dirt deep in the skin pores. In addition, it can help to prevent skin diseases.

Bamboo Charcoal Powder for DIY Beauty Applications

Contents: Bamboo Charcoal Powder (10 micron)
Weight: 50 gms

TAKETARO Bamboo Charcoal Powder is made from high quality Bamboo Charcoal. Bamboo Charcoals are burnt in natural kiln and is reduced to very fine powder of 10 microns using latest technology. This Bamboo Charcoal powder is 100% natural without any taste or smell.


Bamboo charcoal has many minerals that is good for the skin and hair. It also has good cleansing and
exfoliation properties.

Beauty Applications:

1. Shampoo/Liquid Body Soap - Add 5-10 spoons to 1 litres of shampoo/liquid body soap.
Shake well and mix.

2. Liquid Hand Soap - Add 3-4 spoons to 250ml of liquid hand soap. Shake well and mix.

3. Face Mask Cream - Add 1-2 spoons to face mask cream and mix well.

* Suggested amount is based on spoon provided with the product. As more bamboo charcoal powder is added, the colour of the shampoo/liquid soap changes from grey to black colour. You can test and mix to your liking.

100% Natural Konnyaku Sponge

No.1 selling 100% Natural Konnyaku Sponge in Japan. Our Original Konnyaku Sponge is the highest quality you can find in Japan.

Check out the Bamboo Charcoal Konnyaku Sponge !

Bamboo Charcoal Face Towel

Material: Bamboo Charcoal, 100% Cotton
Size: Approximate 34 x 72 cm

Bamboo Charcoal emits far infrared rays to help promote blood circulation. It can reduce odour, mould/bacteria formation and humidity. The properties are utilized in the Bamboo Charcoal Towel.

Japanese Bamboo Charcoal Slices (8 Slices Pack)

Contents: 8 x Bamboo Charcoal Slice
Size: 7.5 x 4.5 cm (approx)

Bamboo Charcoal Slices can be added to water for body and skin care. It makes the water more alkaline and absorbs impurities and chlorine from the water. In addition, minerals are released into the water giving the skin a smooth and healthy complexion. A hot spring bath for skin and body care is ready for D.I.Y at home!


  1. 10 Times the Absorption Power of Binchotan/White Charcoal.
  2. Highest Quality - Burnt at High Temperature, High Electrical Conductivity and High Hardness.



Brush and wash the bamboo charcoal with clean water. No usage of soap and detergent.


  • Place 1-2 slices of bamboo charcoal inside a pot of water and put it to boil for 10 mins. Mix this bamboo charcoal hot water with cold water to a temperature suitable for facial or body wash, with the bamboo charcoal slices still inside the water.  The chorine will be absorbed and the bamboo charcoal will release minerals into the water.
  • Use the water for a facial or body wash. Enjoy the feeling of a hot spring bath at home!


Rinse with clean tap water and dry under the sun before storage. Usage life is about 1 month for everyday usage.

* After end of usage life, shatter bamboo charcoal into fine pieces and mix with the soil. It activates soil and revives plants, making them nice and healthy.

Alternatively, place it near PC/T.V/electrical/electronic devices to absorb electromagnetic waves/radiation emitted. Usage life is not limited.

Distilled High Quality Bamboo Vinegar/Liquid

Contents: Bamboo Vinegar/Liquid
Size: 260ml
Made in Japan

New High Quality Distilled Bamboo Vinegar from Japan!
Now in 260 ml economical bottle. Find out more...
Also check out Bamboo Vinegar Usage.

Distilled High Quality Bamboo Vinegar is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial spray. It is good for skin and body care, foot odour, odour removal, kitchen use, pets, plants and flowers etc.






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