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Bamboo charcoal has moisture holding ability and the water permeability of the soil is improved, making the root of the plant strong. Place bamboo charcoal in the cultivation soil and it will slow down the effect of the soil related problems and pest. Bamboo charcoal through its absorption of harmful matter purifies the soil and water suitable for healthy vegetation growth and plants cultivation. It also helps to control soil acidity due to its alkaline properties. Shatter bamboo charcoal slices or rolls and mix into the soil. Apply direct for granular forms.

Japanese Bamboo Charcoal Slices (8 Slices Pack)

Contents: 8 x Bamboo Charcoal Slice
Size: 7.5 x 4.5 cm (approx)


Place bamboo charcoal slices directly inside the soil. Alternatively, shatter bamboo charcoal slices into fine pieces and mix it with the soil. It activates soil and revives plants, making them nice and healthy.

Bamboo Charcoal Packs

Contents: Bamboo Charcoal Granules
Weight: 30g, 50g, 150g

Cut open the bamboo charcoal pack and pour the granulated bamboo charcoal into the soil and mix well.

Distilled High Quality Bamboo Vinegar/Liquid

Contents: Bamboo Vinegar/Liquid
Size: 260ml
Made in Japan

New High Quality Distilled Bamboo Vinegar from Japan!
Now in 260 ml economical bottle. Find out more...
Also check out Bamboo Vinegar Usage.









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