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Our Products

Home & Office Odour

The bamboo charcoal absorbs the odour from the environment or source of pollution into its pores/cavities. Bamboo charcoal can be placed in refrigerators, cabinets, drawers, cupboards, shoes, shoe racks etc to remove bad odour and moisture. It will keep your shoes and clothes dry and comfortable. The amount to put depends on the space. In addition, it can remove moisture which can cause corrosion, mold, and occurrence of insects. Furthermore, because the moisture which was absorbed is discharged during the dry period, there is a humidification effect.

Bamboo Charcoal Packs

Contents: Bamboo Charcoal Granules
Weight: 30g, 50g, 150g

Size of bamboo charcoal packs depend on space and conditions. 3 sizes are available, with and without Ag+ Silver Ions. Silver Ions is added using nanotechnology to enable the bamboo charcoal to have antibacterial property.

Small size pack Drawer, handbags, rice/tea leaves container, single camera/camcorder etc.

Medium size pack Medium sized refrigerator, shoe racks, shoes, small cabinets, single cupboard etc.

Large size pack Car, wardrobe, cupboard, toilet, room, office, computer/laptops and many more!








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