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Customer's Testimonial

Ms Eunice Ong (Singapore): I bought both the Binchotan Charcoal Massage Socks and Knee Support. The reflexology socks is good. I can feel the improvement on my right leg after using the socks. Both products are good.

Ms Beth Jones (CEO ETA, U.S): The charcoal products are FAR superior to anything else you will be able to find. I guarantee that you will be pleased with his products! Mt Meru is a trusted and honest company that I have been dealing with for years.

Mr Kemp Harshman (U.S, Indianapolis): Thanks Mt Meru. I used the bamboo charcoal mattress mat last night. I had a deeper sleep. Now I want to sleep all of the time! I will be back.

Mr Lawrence Kemp (CEO Kemp Trading, Australia): I was experimenting with different bamboo charcoal products from different countries. But my research results reveals the claims of Taketaro Bamboo Charcoal to be most true. For example, humidity and odor control is one thing I am amazed with.

Mr Pang JH: I was hesitating when I first hear about bamboo charcoal used in water purification. Then I decided to try, the result was good and the saltish taste in the tap water is gone. I made a good choice.

Ms Anita Lee: I travel frequently to overseas for work and find the water in some places very dirty. So I bring some bamboo charcoal slices along the next time to purify the water. The water quality improves and taste is great. Thanks Bryan for introducing on T.V.

Ms Chen Lixia: My kids usually does not like drinking water. After I make the bamboo charcoal water, they now like drinking water and I feel very tasty too.

Mr Baret K (Managing Director, U.K): My wife recently got back from Singapore and brought back some of your fantastic products. I liked it so much and I would like to share it with people in my country

Ms Lyana Ong : I have used the Ag+ pillow mat, it is really good for my shoulder ache. Due to my job nature, I bring it with me overseas as well. The secret to the healing is to get it under the sun as regular as you can!

Ms Ng: I have bought the pillow mat and am currently using it. It does help to calm the brain down after a day at work, hence making the mind more relaxed.

Mr Koh CH:
I bought the Ag+ Bamboo Charcoal Pillow Mat for my family. My wife used to have headache resulted from migraine. After using the pillow mat, she now has less severe headache and wakes up more refreshed in the morning.

Mrs Lim: I had a neck ache when I saw the product. Then, I bought the Ag+ Bamboo Charcoal Pillow and Mattress Mat on my bed and slept it. Amazingly, when I wake up the next morning, my neck ache was gone and my son's insomnia problem was also relieved! I went to get a few more sets for my family members.

Jenny (Sales Associate):
I bought the Ag+ Bamboo Charcoal Mattress Mat for my sister who has several health problems. After the first sleep, she felt tingling effect of blood circulation on her leg. She used to wake up in middle of the night and feel very tired the next day, Now, she is more refreshed despite the waking up in middle of the night.

Ms Ramona H (Managing Director, U.S):
I had surgery on my spinal cord to back of my neck. Everyday, I had to take 4-5 pain killer tablets a day. After using Ag+ Bamboo Charcoal Pillow Mat for a few nights, now I only take 2.5 pain killer tablets. I can manage the pain better!  Also, I used to wake up in the middle of the night and feel very tired the next day. But now, I feel very refreshed despite disrupted sleep. Amazing!

The bamboo charcoal beddings works great! The odour that I used to have it on my bed is now gone!

Ken: Bamboo charcoals packs are very handy! I bring a couple to stock up wherever I goes..

Vivian Tan: I am an accountant who always looks at my computer for more than 8 hours a day and I am also suffering from migraine. I heard that bamboo charcoal can reduce electromagnetic radiation, so I bought a pack. After placing the large bamboo charcoal pack near my computer screen, I realised that my headache has reduced! Thanks for the great product!

Alice Teo: My refrigerator smells every time I opened the door. Now, it smells fresh! My food and vegetables freshness are also retained.

Nancy (Housewife): I have a pipe leakage problem under my sink and there is always some smell. When I saw bamboo charcoal in the market, I am very curious and started to try. After using all the brands in the market, my problem remains. Then one day, I saw Taketaro, so I decided to try. The next day after I placed under the sink, the smell start to go away. This is the product I have been searching for, when all else fail !

Gerald Tong:
I used to wake up in the middle of my sleep and have very disruptive sleep. In the day time, I feel very tired. After I saw the pillow mat in John Little, I decided to try. After using, now I sleep through the night without visiting the toilet  frequently and I feel very refreshed when I wake up in the morning. Great!

Stephen (Sales Supervisor): I used to have bleeding from back of my neck everytime I drink or when my hair grow long. Now after using the pillow mat, my bleeding have stopped and I can drink again without worry. Also, I can keep longer hair now. Great product, I surely and strongly recommend to benefit more people.


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