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Japanese Foot/Body Hot Spa

Izu Rocks are 100% Natural and are made into an easy to use 10 micron powder form in a Ziplock Pack. Natural type of hot spring compared to conventional bath salts.

Made in Japan

Just Put the Izu Rock Powder into the Foot Tub or Bath Tub

In 20 mins of body spa using Izu Rocks can burn up to 500 KCals!

Feels Like Resting On Deep Sea Rocks!

Natural Izu Rocks (hot spring/onsen rocks))originate from deep sea and contains many natural minerals. 100%. So you can enjoy natural hot spring (onsen) foot/body spa even at home! Feels like relaxing in a hot spring. Everyday use is good for the skin. It helps in sweating and far infrared power warms the body for improved blood circulation. Detoxification effects is achieved through sweating!


Body Spa

Foot Spa

Izu Rocks Foot/Body Spa Benefits

  1. Blood Circulation Effect
  2. Detoxification Effect
  3. Skin Properties Improvement and Anti-aging Effect
  4. Deep Warming Effect
  5. Relaxation Effect

Strongly recommended for fatigue, tiredness, smooth and beautiful skin, blood circulation, joints pain, rheumatism etc.

Recommended Temperature: 35-38 °C
Depending on the individual physical condition, it is receommended to start wih lower temperature and adjust based on how comfortable user is. Also, see caution for hot spa.

Natural Material

Izu Rocks is 100% natural from the deep seabed without additives, preservatives or chemicals. All materials inside is naturally occurring.

Natural Composition

Silicon Dioxide, Aluminium Oxide, Calcium Oxide, Iron Oxide, Sodium Oxide, Magnesium Oxide, Potassium Oxide, Phosphorous Oxide, Sulphur Trioxide, Titanium Dioxide, Manganese Oxide.

- Analysed by Toyo Co. Ltd

Caution for Use

  • This is not a food. Please keep out of reach of children and babies.
  • If Izu Rocks water gets into the eyes, rinse with water immediately.
  • In case of rashes or irritation when use, stop using the product and consult a physician.
  • Do not use if suffering from skin diseases such as skin inflammation.

No Damage to Bathtub

  • Dissolved minerals can be rinsed with water or shower.
  • This product does not contain sulfur and will not damage bathtub.

* Please do not use for more than 24 hours in jet bath/Jacuzzi.

Caution for Hot Spa

High water temperature exposure can lead to risk of fatal hyperthermia. For longer exposure time, lower water temperature is recommended. The use of alcohol, drugs, or medication before or during hot spa may lead to health hazards. When on drugs or medication, please consult a physician before using. Pregnant women, infants, children or persons with medical conditions such as heart disease, low or high blood pressure, diabetes etc, should consult a physician before using hot spa.










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