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Voice of Customers


" As I was searching for the best face and body sponge supplier that suit my customers, I found Mt Meru Pte Ltd supplies the original sponge directly from Japan. After we evaluated several similar suppliers including U.S, we decided to sign a long term contract with them considering the originality, price, honesty and integrity in their business. I look forward to our future business"
- Mr Ryan Matthew, Director of Trading Company (Germany)

"I was having pimples and acne prone skin problems. When I chanced upon this product, I was thinking it was a girl thing...but when I decided to try, it works excellent for guy as well"
- Mr Clarence Chia (Singapore)

" As a girl in my teenage years and I faced problem of acne breakouts. The sponge effectively removed the oil and keep my skin cleaner and I experience less severe breakout of acne."
- Ms Clara Lim (Singapore)

"Thank you Mt Meru for introducing the products to me. You have helped me in my skin problems. The redness and dryness on my skin has improved." - Ms Katie (U.S)

"Great innovation and beauty secret by Japanese is now available to us. I have used it and my face is now smoother with less pimples." - Mr Kumar J (Dubai)

"I doubt this product when I heard of it on Alibaba but now I am going to introduce to more people who used it! It is natural and effective for my skin." - Ms Cheah (Malaysia)

"My two sons who have been suffering from ATOPIC skin disorder and they didn’t want to take a shower or bath due to sever pain. But now with konnyaku bath sponge, they are enjoying their daily bath or shower. Thank you so much" - 34-year-old Housewife with two Atopic Skin Disorder Sons

“I am have been troubled with caring my face since my face is so sensitive and allergic to many things so it was not easy to wash the face and l didn’t wear make-up such a long time. After using konnyaku sponge, amazing!!!! Now I can wear make-up again and I can feel that my skin is getting healthier and healthier. I strongly recommend the Konnyaku Sponge to who is suffering from any skin trouble”. - 29-year-old Career Lady with Allergic skin

“My mother has been sick for a long time and having trouble with taking bath since her back has so many rashes, but my Doctor recommended to use konnyaku sponge, Rashes are now almost gone and my mother is so happy with the sponge. It has been using for 3 month and now all my family members using the Sponges” - 67-year-old Patient with Back Rashes

“I have been suffering from Horny layers for a long time and I tried many things even went to the hospital, but ever since I use konnyaku sponge, no trouble with Horny Layers any longer” -
26-year-old Career Lady with Extra Dry Skin

“It is so soft and works out great with cleansing foam on the sponge. From now on, I don’t go to the Skin Care Therapy shop any longer" - 26-year-old Career Lady with Oily Skin

“I have been trouble with Horny Layers on my face, but now I am all fine. No more Horny Layers. Thank you Shizendo”. 22-year-old College student with Dry Skin

“After gently massage with the konnyaku sponge, my face feels so clean and shiny. Thank God!!!! - 20-year-old College student with Oily Skin

“I have a big trouble with my PIMPLES and ever since I cleanse with the konnyaku sponge, they are almost gone" - 17-year-old High school student with Oily Skin

“I have to wear Heavy-make up almost everyday because of my job and I look older than before and my friends. But with the konnyaku sponge, my skin became young again”. - 32-year-old-Racing Model with Damaged & Sensitive Skin

“This sponge is my 3rd one and now people around me all use konnyaku sponge. They told me it is AMAZING”. - 23-year-old Career Lady with Light Oily Skin

“My 6 months old first sun and I use konnyaku sponge everyday and my son is very happy after bath and I also very satisfied with the sponge”. - 29-year-old Housewife & Her Little Son with Dry & Baby Skin

“One of my friends recommended this sponge to me and I am all happy with the sponge. Everyday I put cleansing foam on the sponge and softly circular massage on my face and the Blackheads are all gone around my nose”. - 33-year-old Housewife with Dry Skin

“Every year by year my skin becomes more oily and oily, but with the konnyaku sponge, Wow! My husband told me that I look like 20’s again”. - 38-year-old Housewife with Oily Skin


Some of the above feedbacks are extracted from leading Health and Beauty Magazines in countries outside Singapore, such "Ladies Chosun" March 2009 issue in Korea.







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