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SAKURA Volcanic Ash Facial Cleanser

No Fragrance No Colouring Paraben Free

Volcanic ash deep-cleans pores and removes impurities while enriching skin with essential minerals.

Creating the new and natural way of skin cleansing using volcanic ash particles from Kagaoshima volcano. The re-fined volcanic ash particles had great absorption power and impurities removal properties. It is made with natural plant ingredients to give you a smooth, clean and supple skin. Gently cleanses even the sensitive skin with moisturizing ingredients such as "PRUNUS YEDOENSIS LEAF EXTRACT" - Japanese Sakura.

The elastic foam and bubbles generated from the cleanser gives more effective cleansing. It can be used for everyday washing.



An active volcano, Mt. Sakurajima, still active with massive smokes.
"Shirasu" made in Mt. Sakurajima, almost powder-like minute texture.
While fluffy as meringue, solid-heavy feeling can be felt in the hands, that is this high-quality lather.


Erupted a long time ago, volcanic ash was purified in the sea, absorbing minerals, becoming white stratums of the earth. These natural ingredients have been nourished in the nature over the years.

It was the people in Kagoshima who have found Volcanic Ash's secret. They used volcanic ash (Shirasu) to polish cutlery with volcanic ash, the dish/plates shines more while hands which washes them gets smoother.

Despite the vivid and energetic images of Mt. Sakurajima, Shirasu which is nourished there would make the skin smoother and whiter, makes it very appropriate for Japanese ladies.



The volcanic ash with its fine texture of micro particles reaches deep inside the pores, and thoroughly cleansing the skin with its mild and abundant lather.

The adhesive power of volcanic ash catches dirt deep in the pores. The moisturising and natural ingredients like Japanese Sakura, "PRUNUS YEDOENSIS LEAF EXTRACT", keeps the skin clean and smooth..

Contains "Someiyoshino" (Japanese Sakura) leaves extract, known for prevention of rough skin, anti-inflammatory effect and skin-whitening (preventing the production of melanin).


Deep Cleansing with Volcanic Ash

The rough texture of the natural volcanic ash micro particles makes it difficult to be used as cleansing ingredient. Therefore, the volcanic ash has been processed at the high temperature, to change its structure into sphere-like hollow micro particles. This is called "Shirasu-Balloon" which is the main ingredient of Sakura Volcanic Ash Facial Cleanser, which totally takes care of the delicate skin.


Moisturization After Cleansing From Plant Ingredients

Moisturization with plant-derived ingredients such as gBLACK STRAP POWDERh, gPRUNUS YEDOENSIS LEAF EXTRACTh (Japanese Sakura) and gPLANTAGO MAJOR SEED EXTRACTh helps to to nourish and soothe skinwhile maintaining good skin health.




For those whose skin retains enough moisture but tends to get oily, the jar-type "Shirasu Volcanic Ash Soap" is recommended, while for those with little oil on the skin and it tends to get dry, the tube-type "Sakura Volcanic Ash Facial Cleanser" is most suitable. Depending on the types of the skin, the appropriate one can be chosen. "Sakura Volcanic Ash Facial Cleanser" can be used for most skin types and is recommended.

gShirasu Volcanic Ash Soaph and gShirasu Volcanic Ash Packh have been awarded prestigious Monde Selection three years in a row from 2010 to 2013, and also our newest addition in our gVolcanic Ashh product lineup, gSakura Volcanic Ash Facial Cleanserh has also been awarded, indicating the international recognition of our Volcanic Ash series for its high quality.

Squeeze the Sakura Volcanic Ash Soap about the size of about a cherry or a piece of pearl, onto the bubbling net provided, adding a small amount of warm water, making a lather.

Alternatively, squeeze about 2 cm onto hand, using water to make foam/lather.

Put the lather on your palm and wash your face gently.

Rinse the face thoroughly, removing the bubbles.

* No need to rub your face hard. Massage your face with the dense bubble, skimming over the skin.

While moisture is retained on the skin, the cleanser removes the surplus oil and dirt deep inside the pores. The shining refreshed skin appears.

Girls Talk on Cosmetics

Four Girls, connoisseurs of connoisseurs of cosmetics checking "Sakura Volcanic Ash Facial Cleanser" on its quality (Cleansing Power, Foam, etc.).


1. Ms. Sayaka Konishi - Beauty Consultant
2. Ms. Mio Ikemoto - Model
3. Ms. Naoko Aiba - Hair-making Model
4. Ms. Mayu Suenaga - Model

Today's guests are the ladies with great knowledge about beauty.

They are in the field of beauty as likes of models and beauty consultant, and they discuss "Sakura Volcanic Ash Facial Cleanser"

Ms. Konishi: I had once used another volacanic soap, but this one is much better with its foam so minute and giving so much moisture. Also, the texture of the volcanic ash for this one is really nice.

Ms. Suenaga: Really surprise to see the form made so rich, and really impressed with my skin getting brighter after using this. And the packaging in pink is lovely, and it's easy to use as this is tube-type.

Ms. Aiba: I am happy with "Fragrance-free", "Colour-free" and "Paraben-free". Well, this is the first time for me to use volcanic product (as I was worried about hurting the skin), but actually after using it, I feel it is really really nice.

Ms. Ikemoto: As I always use cosmetics that are gentle to the skin such as organic one or "alcohol-free", so this one is of "additive-free" is very good. With abundant foam and its very smooth texture, cleansing the face gives a very pleasant feeling. And yes, removing the dirt very very well, and the moisture-feel after the cleanising is also good.

Volcanic Ash facial products topped 1 million units in Japan and topped 300,000 in the first six months since its release, well received since its launch. A great thanks to all our customers. We are glad to get very good comments and feedbacks from our customers in various beauty ranking site reviews as well.



Avoid contact with eyes. When product get into the eye, rinse with water immediately. Keep out of reach of children. If irritation, redness, itchiness, etc occurs, please discontinue use and consult a doctor.

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